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Learn More about Trail Breaker Kennel in Fairbanks, AK.
Family Friendly Fairbanks Tour Stop at Trail Breaker Kennels

Things To Do With Family In Fairbanks

Summer Fun With the Family in Fairbanks, Alaska Are you looking for a fun and affordable, family-friendly vacation this summer? Then Fairbanks, Alaska, is the perfect place to visit! This city is filled with exciting activities and tours to keep you and your family entertained throughout your stay. Plenty of things to do with the...
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sunset dogsledding in Fairbanks Alaska.

Racing Season For Mushers at Trail Breaker Kennel

Race Season Is Underway We are excited for the onset of race season at Trail Breaker Kennel. Time sure flies when you’re having fun! We are past the darkest winter time here in Fairbanks, Alaska, and we are enjoying having a bit more daylight (we are rapidly gaining daylight after the Winter Solstice on December...
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Alaskan Sled Dogs Mushing

What Happens During The Yukon Quest & Other Mushing Races?

What Is the Yukon Quest? The renowned Yukon Quest is a 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race, named for the “highway of the north,” which is made up of the Yukon River and the land routes historically used by prospectors, adventurers, and carriers of mail and supplies between the Klondike gold fields and those in...
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Trailbreaker Photo

We Were Featured By The Iditarod Education Department

In October, we were honored to be featured in the monthly newsletter of the Iditarod Education Department. Their Director of Education, Jane Holmes, visited us this summer to show her around Trail Breaker Kennel. Holmes was inspired by the kennel and the legacy of Susan Butcher. We were happy to have her tour and promote...
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Alaskan husky dogs playing in Fairbanks Alaska Fall changing leaves.

Enjoy The Fall in Fairbanks, Alaska

The Seasons Are Changing At Trail Breaker Kennel We are ready to usher in the Fall here in Fairbanks! As we have wrapped up our 2022 Summer season, we wanted to send out a big “Thank you!” to all our fantastic guests who have visited us this summer. It’s been so lovely to welcome people...
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Summer Fairbanks Riverboat Discovery Tour Stoping At Trail Breaker Kennel

Summer In Fairbanks At Trail Breaker Kennel

Enjoying The Summer With Our Sled Dogs Summertime in Fairbanks at Trail Breaker Kennel means lots of tours and lots of love for our sled dogs and puppies! This summer, we have been lucky enough to partner with several new tour companies to bring their guests an authentic sled dog experience and an exciting look...
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Susan Butcher Pulls Baby Tekla Monson On Dog Sled

The Legacy of Dog Sled Racing Continues

The Legacy of Dog Sled Racing Continues For the past few years Trail Breaker has taken a brief recess from racing, but this season we are proud to announce that your favorite Trail Breaker dogs will be hitting the trail and competing in two mid-distance sled dog races! We’ll have more details near the bottom,...
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Sled Dogs Mushing on Tana River

Welcoming 2022 In Fairbanks, Alaska

2022 has arrived and winter is in full swing here in Fairbanks, Alaska. With the temperature dipping below negative 40, our days have been spent keeping the dogs happy and doing our best to stay warm. Our evenings have been spent huddled by the fire, sewing dog jackets, booties, harnesses, and any other gear that...
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Alaskan Huskies with Musher

What Breed Is An Alaskan Husky Sled Dog?

 What Breed Is An Alaskan Husky Sled Dog? We often get asked, what makes a dog a sled dog? And, what exactly is an Alaskan Husky? Many also remark that the dogs that take them on their Alaskan sled ride look a lot like a dog they’ve seen before. We will give you some basic...
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