We Were Featured By The Iditarod Education Department

Trailbreaker Photo

In October, we were honored to be featured in the monthly newsletter of the Iditarod Education Department. Their Director of Education, Jane Holmes, visited us this summer to show her around Trail Breaker Kennel. Holmes was inspired by the kennel and the legacy of Susan Butcher. We were happy to have her tour and promote us to students and teachers all over the country that use the resource to teach students.

Information About The Iditarod

If you are not already familiar, The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, commonly known as The Iditarod, is a long-distance sled dog race held in early March. The Iditarod began in 1973 as an event to test the best sled dog mushers and teams but evolved into an annual competitive race. The sled dog race travels from Anchorage to Nome, entirely within the US state of Alaska.

The Iditarod Education Department was founded to help teachers be better teachers and students to achieve higher academic success using the Iditarod-based curriculum. Teachers can freely use the lessons and curriculum on the website and create Iditarod-based lessons for their students. In addition, Holmes has been reconnecting with past Iditarod winners and participants at their kennels. The newsletter is an excellent way for Iditarod enthusiasts and educators alike to stay up to date on all things Iditarod. 

Susan Butcher’s Legacy Lives On

We were honored by this visit, but it reminded us that we are very proud of what we do here at Trail Breaker kennel. All of our tours mix in some history, experience, and education and are great for all ages. We want all of our visitors at Trail Breaker Kennel to leave having created a memorable experience with some newfound knowledge and wisdom about mushing. We are so happy to see that a key takeaway from this visit was Trust & Be Trusted. 

We are glad that the simple motto of “Trust and be Trusted” could resonate with Holmes, especially because Susan’s belief in “trust and be trusted” is the founding principle of Trail Breaker Kennel. It’s something all of us at Trail Breaker Kennel stand by to this day. It’s a big part of the foundation of the relationship between a musher and her huskies. We believe it also transcends many different areas of life, such as teaching for Holmes. In fact, we would argue it rings true whenever you are building any kind of relationship in work or life in general.

Experience A Sled Dog Ride For Yourself

We encourage you to read the Iditarod Education Department Newsletter here. Of course, we also encourage you to experience Fairbanks, Alaska, for yourself and have a taste of what it is like to train for the Iditarod with folks that know exactly what it takes. You can visit us for a winter sled dog ride or an available seasonal tour year-round. We are conveniently located close to the Fairbanks airport along the Chena River.