Learn what it’s like to run a kennel on a walking tour of one of the longest operating kennels in Alaska. Join one of our experienced mushers as they show you around the kennel, introduce you to our amazing canine athletes and teach you how we prepare for the 1,000-mile Iditarod and Yukon Quest races. 

View Trail Breaker Kennel on the Riverboat Discovery Tour

Trail Breaker Kennel has been a favorite stop on the Riverboat Discovery tour for over 20 years. During the three-hour river cruise, the Riverboat Discovery stops on the banks of the Chena River at Trail Breaker Kennel for an exciting show. Visitors learn what it takes to run a championship kennel from David, Tekla and our staff of seasoned dog mushers. After a thrilling dog mushing demonstration, visitors meet our incredible Alaskan huskies and mushers during their stop at the Chena Indian Village. We hope to see you down the river!