The Legacy Lives On

Kennel founders Susan Butcher and David Monson’s legacy lives on! With the knowledge passed down by her parents, and the knowledge from her experience growing up surrounded by mushers and embracing the lifestyle in her 20s, their eldest daughter Tekla continues to foster a positive environment in which up and coming as well as seasoned dog mushers thrive. 

We are proud to work with many amazing humans who all share in the love for the lifestyle and culture of dog mushing. A few of these are committed to train and race Trail Breaker Kennel dogs in the coming season. Read about our race mushers here, and join us in supporting them and cheering them on as they travel down the trail towards their goals. 

Katrina Handler

Katrina Handler

Katrina moved up from Washington state to pursue a life with more wilderness, and fell in love with dog mushing. Since then she’s spent nearly a decade working with the dogs and on the sled training for races. Katrina is continuing her journey with her 5 Alaskan Huskies and is getting ready to run the Iditarod by completing her qualifying races. With one qualifier already under her belt, and working for Trail Breaker Kennel the past eight years, she is excited for the 2024/2025 race season. Currently there are a few mid-distance races that she has her eyes on this year, but will decide which one is best for her team as she trains through the season. 

Katrina's Race Schedule
Coming soon..
Katrina's Team
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Old Steese ©whitneymclaren 2024


Nimbus ©whitneymclaren 2024 Tbk 8277


Havak ©whitneymclaren 2024


Ansel ©whitneymclaren 2024 Tbk 8285
Indy ©whitneymclaren 2024
Frank ©whitneymclaren 2024
Mofarah ©whitneymclaren 2024
Wookie ©whitneymclaren 2024
Trout ©whitneymclaren 2024
Jibe ©whitneymclaren 2024 Tbk 8305
Bolt ©whitneymclaren
Dale ©whitneymclaren 2024

Elena Herreid

Elena Herreid

Elena Herreid has been working with Trail Breaker Kennel for the last three years where she has been training for and running mid distance races. During the 2024/25 winter season she is excited to be training up the yearlings and teaching them what they need to know to be successful whether they are going on camping trips in the White Mountains or running down the race trail. Elena is planning on running a handful of 100 to 200 miles races with these young dogs this winter and is looking forward to getting to watch them learn and grow. 

Elena's Race Schedule
Coming soon..
Elena's Team
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Felix©whitneymclaren 2024


Phelps ©whitneymclaren 2024


Plumb Bob ©whitneymclaren 2024


Felix ©whitneymclaren 2024


Chuli ©whitneymclaren 2024


Dollie ©whitneymclaren 2024


Farmer ©whitneymclaren 2024


Ace ©whitneymclaren 2024


Jackhammer ©whitneymclaren 2024


Slim ©whitneymclaren 2024


Allen wrench ©whitneymclaren 2024 Tbk 8515


Caliper ©whitneymclaren 2024


Keira Irish

Keira Irish Jr. Iditarod finish 2024

Keira Irish, 16, has been running dogs since the age 10 and has over 500 miles of racing experience. Her main races include the Jr. Iditarod, an 160 mile race for kids 14-17 years old. She has run the Junior Iditarod twice, in 2023 with a team of mostly rescue dogs, and in 2024 with a team from Trail Breaker Kennel. Her other racing experiences include the T-Dog 110, the Solstice Invitational 25, and the Solstice Invitational 50. Although only a junior in high school, she is already planning on running the Iditarod after finishing college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks studying Wildlife Biology. Next season, she will be running the Junior Iditarod for the third time with Trail Breaker dogs, and is planning to run either the Knik 200 or the T-Dog 200 with the rescue team from Rerun Kennel. When not running dogs, she loves hiking, kayaking, and skijoring.

Keira's Race Schedule
2025 Jr. Iditarod - Keira is planning to run a team of TBK race dogs in the Jr. Iditarod and she splits her training time between TBK and ReRun Kennel