Winter sled dog Tour

Things to Know About Your Trail Breaker Kennel Winter Tour in Fairbanks, Alaska

Before we get started on what to wear for an Alaskan dog sled tour, Yes, you need to reserve your spot on a winter tour with us at Trail Breaker Kennel. We do not accept walk-ups. You can book your tour here. Also, because it’s been a crazy year with COVID19, please read our current policies as of January 2021 here

What is the Winter Dress Code in Alaska?

One crucial thing to know before packing what you’re going to wear in Fairbanks, Alaska, for a winter dog sled tour or just on your Alaskan vacation: Think practical; there is no set fashion code in Alaska. 

We cannot speak for everyone, but many people in Fairbanks wear the same clothes for work, errands, and dinner at a local restaurant. So if you’ve been out exploring the Alaskan frontier all day and ready for dinner, don’t think you need to go home and change first for any reason. Any warm and comfortable clothes will do!

How to Dress for Winter in Fairbanks

The average winter temps in Fairbanks, Alaska, are undoubtedly cold. From November 8 to February 26, we have an average daily high temperature below 16°F. January is typically our coldest month with an average high-temperature of 1°F. Look at the data if you don’t believe us!

You will need the proper attire to enjoy your tour. Cold hands and cold or wet feet will not make for a good experience. You want to keep your extremities safe! Make sure to be prepared with good socks, base layers, insulating layers, a neck gaiter/scarf, and a hat.

We want you to be warm and safe on your sled ride or any winter experience you have with us. Great gear can be expensive. If you don’t want to invest in cold weather gear for your trip to Alaska, we highly recommend renting quality outerwear through our partners at Alaska Element. For only $30 per person per day, they will hook you up with all the winter gear you will need to keep you warm for your time in Fairbanks. Send an email to, let her know Trail Breaker Kennel sent you, and they will handle all the rest! 

Dressing in Layers in Alaska is a Must

The primary key to dressing for Alaska is layers! You should have enough layers to feel comfortable without losing your mobility. You should able to put your arms down for putting on your boots. Layers can capture insulated air to conserve the heat that your body produces. They should also help you keep your temperature regulated.

We want you to be warm, but not too warm. You may have too many layers; you could end up cold and damp, which is not what you want! Make sure your layers can fit over each other, do not be afraid to size up accordingly by layer!  

Suggested Gear for a Dog Sled Ride or Winter Tour in Fairbanks, Alaska

We ask that you refrain from too much cotton; it does not insulate as well in the cooler temps, especially if it becomes wet! Also, avoid rubber boots without any wool liner.

Here is what you will need:

  • A warm hat that covers your ears
  • A neck gaiter, which is sometimes called a Buff or neck warmer, is a small clothing accessory worn around the neck and can be easier than a scarf
  • Base layers, long underwear/leggings (think moisture-wicking materials like polyester)
  • A light insulating layer to go over your long underwear (fleece or wool)
  • A Down or synthetic vest 
  • A Heavy insulating layer – Primaloft, wool, or down 
  • A Windproof/Water Resistant Shell (Remember to size up with layers)
  • Wool or wool-blend hiking socks (Probably want to double up)
  • Winter boots that are big enough to allow you to wear a couple of pairs of thick socks ( Like your layers, you don’t want to lose mobility of your toes)
  • Light Liner gloves, it might be a good idea to have a second pair just in case, too (your first pair of two)
  • Windproof gloves or mittens 
  • Probably also want to pack hand and toe warmers, chapstick, sunglasses, and anything else that will keep you comfortable.

Now that You Know what to Wear in Alaska

Book your Alaskan dog sled tour with us! Trail Breaker Kennel is conveniently located a mile from the Fairbanks International Airport and 15 minutes from downtown Fairbanks. This must-experience for dog-lovers is perfect for all Fairbanks, Alaska visitors. Learn why we have so many 5-star reviews for yourself!