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Be a part of the T-dog and support the race financially. Here are the different support levels and what your monetary support empowers:
Wheel Dog Straw
Straw for dogs
Team Dog Vet Supplies
Vet Care and Supplies
Swing Dog Trail Breaking
Trail Breaking and Volunteer Support
Alternate Lead Dog Race Safety
Race Safety & Trackers
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T-Dog Fun Run In Media – “T Dog Race w/Tekla Butcher-Monson”, January 19th, 2024
KTVF – “T-Dog 200 to tick fun and competitive boxes in one race” – December 22nd, 2023
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – “Newly created sled dog races honor Susan Butcher, spirit of mushing” – January 2nd, 2024
Photos from past events by Whitney McLaren

2023 T-Dog "Training Run" 110

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