Don’t miss a visit to historic Trail Breaker Kennel during your fall vacation to Alaska! Join our mushers and huskies on a Sled Dog Cart Ride as they prepare for a busy winter season. This iconic piece of Alaskan culture is conveniently located only a mile from the Fairbanks International Airport.

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Sled Dog Cart Ride

1 hr / August-October

Take a ride with our sled dogs during this once-in-a-lifetime Alaskan experience. Join one of our mushers as they introduce you to our kennel, sled dogs, and lifestyle. Hop on a five-passenger rig and experience an exhilarating sled dog ride through our beautiful Alaskan trails, taking part in the important fall training where we prepare ourselves and dogs for a busy winter season. This tour is perfect for those wanting to see sled dogs in action and immerse themselves in the experiences of mushers in Alaska, even when visiting in the fall.